Bibliografia TEPPFA do normy PN-C-89224


  1. TEPPFA - Buried Pipes design:
    DesignOfBuriedPipesArecentUpdate (PDF)
    DesignOfBuriedPipesCombinedLoadingPresentation (PDF)
    DesignOfBuriedPipesCombinedLoadingReport (PDF)
    DesignOfBuriedPipesPredictionPipeDeflectionVersusMeasuredValues (PDF)
    DesignOfBuriedPipesProjectReportPresentation (PDF)
    DesignOfBuriedPipesSoilPipeInteraction (PDF)
  2. TEPPFA - A Designer's Guide to Plastic Sewer Pipe Stiffness Classes (PDF)
  3. TEPPFA - Best Practice for effective jetting of sewer pipes (PDF)
  4. TEPPFA - European study of the performance of various pipe systems, respectively pipe materials for municipal sewage systems under special consideration of the ecological range of effects during the service life (PDF)
  5. TEPPFA - Industry Studies
    100 Year Service Life Of Połypropylene and Polyethylene Gravity Sewer Pipes (PDF)
     - Lifetime Polyolefin Sewers Leaflet (PDF)
     - Summary Technical Report - December 2014 (PDF)
     - Full Technical Report - December 2016 (PDF)
    PVC Sewer Pipes - Longer Lifelines for Sustainable Headlines (PDF)